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SwipeTrack remains committed to adding features and making improvements to XTruLink in order to help our customers grow and succeed.

You may VOTE on feature ideas below, or add your own. Before you add a new idea, please use the SEARCH function to ensure the idea does not already exist.

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B2C Web Portal

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Add funding designation to donation forms in the web portal

Add the ability for users to select a funding designation to the donation forms in the web portal. This would eliminate the need for different forms for each designation and streamline the donation process.
1 day ago in B2C Web Portal 0

Altru system-generated guest passes support

System-generated guest passes may be added as a membership program benefit in Altru. Currently these passes must be redeemed via Daily or Advance Sales in Altru. Would be nice for guests to be able to: view available guest passes in their portal u...
9 months ago in Access Control / B2C Web Portal / Kiosk & MPOS / Other 0

Adding a membership to cart automatically applies member discounts to tickets in cart

Guests currently have to make two transactions if they want to purchase a membership to receive a discount on a ticketed event. I've seen other gardens that automatically apply member discounts when a membership is also in the cart. You could also...
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal / Kiosk & MPOS 0

Add Ticket Limits by price type

Currently Ticket Limits may be set at the program or program event level. Would be nice to be able to configure Ticket Limits for a specific price type.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal / Kiosk & MPOS 0

Allow guests to cancel or reschedule tickets online

It would be nice for customers to be able to cancel or reschedule their own tickets via the web portal.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal 1

Restrict price types by Membership Level

Currently price types may be restricted in XTruLink for members only. This restricts prices for all membership programs and levels. Would be nice to be able to restrict price types as available for only specific membership levels.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal 0

Sell to Organization instead of Individual

Add option to "Checkout as Organization" on Web Portal instead of as an Individual. This would match/create Organization records in Altru instead of Constituent records. This ideally would also collect "Organization Contact" information.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal 0

Gift Cards

Ability to sell and redeem gift cards via the web portal and kiosks.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal / Kiosk & MPOS / Other 0

Go to Cart immediately when cart icon is clicked on Web Portal

Currently, when you click on the cart icon at the top of the screen on any page, the web portal brings up a pop up window which makes you then select "GO TO CART" again, which feels redundant. These extra clicks slow down the patron experience.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal 0

Special Events Support

Special Events in Altru (i.e. one-time events that may be configured with designations and registration options) are not currently supported in XTruLink.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal 0 Planned