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SwipeTrack remains committed to adding features and making improvements to XTruLink in order to help our customers grow and succeed.

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Digital Memberships

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Membership Card Download limit

Currently when we send out digital membership cards we only have the option to allow one download or unlimited downloads. We are hoping that we could get the ability to change this to a specified amount of downloads.
8 months ago in Digital Memberships 0

Enhanced Digital Pass reporting

The current Digital Pass report is fairly simple. Would be nice to see reports on the following items: Install Email open rates % of active members who have downloaded digital passes Exportable list of active members who have NOT downloaded digita...
9 months ago in Digital Memberships 0

Ability to create specific install email template for gift memberships

Currently there is only one install email option for digital passes. Would be nice to be able to create a specific install email for gift memberships.
9 months ago in Digital Memberships 0

Membership Add-on flexibility

Instead of having add-ons apply to everything within a program, it would be nice to be able to choose a specific level(s) within a program that receive the add-on.
8 months ago in Digital Memberships 0

Ability to send reminder email when digital pass has not been downloaded

Would be nice to send a reminder email (automatic or manual) to any users who have not yet downloaded their digital pass.
9 months ago in Digital Memberships / Messaging 0

limit discounts/promotions to specific membership levels

Limiting discounts/promotions to a specific membership level could help promote higher levels or the best value level an organization has without lowering the cost of the other levels too deeply.
2 months ago in Digital Memberships 0

Digital membership download link transferred to altru via notes field

I'd like for the digital membership card download link to be stored in Altru so that it can be used in other mailings. This would be similar to how gift membership email send dates and donor info is transferred to Altru through a custom note.
9 months ago in Digital Memberships 0

Printed Membership Cards support

Physical membership cards must be processed and printed in Altru. Would be nice to be able to configure and print these through XTruLink in tandem with the digital pass processes. Ideally this feature would allow members to "opt-in" for a physical...
9 months ago in Digital Memberships / Other 0

Add "Amount Paid" field to Digital Pass Install Email

Would like to add a dynamic variables to the Digital Pass Instal Email for the dollar amount that was paid for the membership. This differs from the "Term Amount" configured in Altru as patrons may have used a promotion at purchase.
9 months ago in Digital Memberships 0