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SwipeTrack remains committed to adding features and making improvements to XTruLink in order to help our customers grow and succeed.

You may VOTE on feature ideas below, or add your own. Before you add a new idea, please use the SEARCH function to ensure the idea does not already exist.

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Kiosk & MPOS

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Altru system-generated guest passes support

System-generated guest passes may be added as a membership program benefit in Altru. Currently these passes must be redeemed via Daily or Advance Sales in Altru. Would be nice for guests to be able to: view available guest passes in their portal u...
9 months ago in Access Control / B2C Web Portal / Kiosk & MPOS / Other 0

Adding a membership to cart automatically applies member discounts to tickets in cart

Guests currently have to make two transactions if they want to purchase a membership to receive a discount on a ticketed event. I've seen other gardens that automatically apply member discounts when a membership is also in the cart. You could also...
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal / Kiosk & MPOS 0

Discount/promo codes on kiosks

Since only ten price types can be displayed w/n our kiosk's General Admission program, we think it would be helpful to add a box during the email/phone number page where they can put in a promo code or discount code that will apply to their order....
9 months ago in Kiosk & MPOS 0 Planned

"Preview" a Kiosk via back-office

There is no "Preview" option in the XTruLink Dashboard when setting up kiosks. Would be nice to be able to "Preview" a kiosk template to see what it will look like before adding to a schedule.
9 months ago in Kiosk & MPOS 0

Add Ticket Limits by price type

Currently Ticket Limits may be set at the program or program event level. Would be nice to be able to configure Ticket Limits for a specific price type.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal / Kiosk & MPOS 0

Require address on Kiosks

As a nonprofit looking for donors, we use Altru and XTruLink to collect visitor information to run WealthPoint screenings. You can't run wealth screenings on visitors that have no physical address on file, and currently the kiosks do not require a...
4 months ago in Kiosk & MPOS 0

Gift Cards

Ability to sell and redeem gift cards via the web portal and kiosks.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal / Kiosk & MPOS / Other 0

Have a Child and Adult Lines for Self Check-In

It would be helpful to have a line on the self check-in kiosks that distinguishes between child guests and adult guests. Our membership only allow so many adults and this would aid in avoiding unpaid guests entering our facility.
2 months ago in Kiosk & MPOS 0

Require Additional Member information during membership transaction

Ability to make name fields and other fields required for additional members. This would prevent having unnamed members on a membership.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal / Kiosk & MPOS 0

Email-specific keyboard for kiosk transactions

This tailored keyboard would pop up during a kiosk transaction anytime an email field is collected. This might occur during collection of membership information and receipt information. The modified keyboard would include items such as: easy-acces...
9 months ago in Kiosk & MPOS 0