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SwipeTrack remains committed to adding features and making improvements to XTruLink in order to help our customers grow and succeed.

You may VOTE on feature ideas below, or add your own. Before you add a new idea, please use the SEARCH function to ensure the idea does not already exist.

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PINNED Merchandise Support
Would really love to be able to sell merchandise online and at Kiosks
PINNED Daily Sale Screen (Point-of-Sale system)
Replace the Altru Daily Sales page with a more powerful version directly from XTruLink

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Sell to Organization instead of Individual

Add option to "Checkout as Organization" on Web Portal instead of as an Individual. This would match/create Organization records in Altru instead of Constituent records. This ideally would also collect "Organization Contact" information.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal 0

Ability to send reminder email when digital pass has not been downloaded

Would be nice to send a reminder email (automatic or manual) to any users who have not yet downloaded their digital pass.
9 months ago in Digital Memberships / Messaging 0

Customize Outbound Emails

Instead of having one outbound email address, would it be possible to have different outbound emails for each department (i.e. membership, education, guest services, special events)?
2 months ago in Messaging 0

Require address on Kiosks

As a nonprofit looking for donors, we use Altru and XTruLink to collect visitor information to run WealthPoint screenings. You can't run wealth screenings on visitors that have no physical address on file, and currently the kiosks do not require a...
4 months ago in Kiosk & MPOS 0

Opt-in & opt-out option for the Xtrulink text message feature

This feature would allow company's to send out membership renewal messages, send texts to expired members and allow us to promote events without violating the TCP Act
8 months ago in Messaging 0 Will not implement

Gift Cards

Ability to sell and redeem gift cards via the web portal and kiosks.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal / Kiosk & MPOS / Other 0

Go to Cart immediately when cart icon is clicked on Web Portal

Currently, when you click on the cart icon at the top of the screen on any page, the web portal brings up a pop up window which makes you then select "GO TO CART" again, which feels redundant. These extra clicks slow down the patron experience.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal 0

Special Events Support

Special Events in Altru (i.e. one-time events that may be configured with designations and registration options) are not currently supported in XTruLink.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal 0 Planned

Allow multiple editors at once for Web Sales Settings

The Web Sales Settings currently does not support multiple people editing content at one time. Multiple editors can cause changes to be overwritten. This feature would allow multiple editors to work on changes for the web portal at one time, simil...
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal 0 Planned

Have a Child and Adult Lines for Self Check-In

It would be helpful to have a line on the self check-in kiosks that distinguishes between child guests and adult guests. Our membership only allow so many adults and this would aid in avoiding unpaid guests entering our facility.
2 months ago in Kiosk & MPOS 0