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SwipeTrack remains committed to adding features and making improvements to XTruLink in order to help our customers grow and succeed.

You may VOTE on feature ideas below, or add your own. Before you add a new idea, please use the SEARCH function to ensure the idea does not already exist.

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PINNED Daily Sale Screen (Point-of-Sale system)
Replace the Altru Daily Sales page with a more powerful version directly from XTruLink
PINNED Merchandise Support
Would really love to be able to sell merchandise online and at Kiosks

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Demographic Survey - End of online purchase path

Is there any way there could be a survey function added to the end of the purchase path that would update the constituent's record? Looking to capture - Date of Birth, Race, Gender, School, and so on. (Could this be added to B2C and Kiosks sales)
7 months ago in B2C Web Portal 0

HTML Footer

Can the footer be expanded to have HTML capabilities? Right now, the footer can only be a single link as far as I can tell. I would like to replicate the footer from our corp site onto our ticketing pages. This will help when patrons "jump" to the...
8 months ago in Access Control 0

Account created auto reply

Please create the ability to send an auto reply when an account is created.
9 months ago in Messaging 0

Adding HTML text options to endorsements

It would be helpful to be able to use HTML text options especially Bold and Italics when adding text to the endorsement section of a program or event. As an art museum, we especially need Italics for titles of exhibitions or artwork.
9 months ago in Other 0

Set up minimum number of tickets purchased to get automatic discount

Automate Group Sales for Online Sales. Allow guest to purchase multiple tickets and receive a group discount to include all purchased tickets after reaching a minimum threshold.
9 months ago in B2C Web Portal 0

Add Spell Check

Please add spell check to the online portal. 1) to avoid typos; 2) to eliminate having to cut/paste to Word to run spell check. Thanks
9 months ago in Other 1

Edit Button for Donation Items

Under an Online Sale Donation program, when dollar amounts are added as Items, request adding an Edit button instead of just Remove. For small edits (typos, adjustments to dollar amounts, etc.), it would be very nice to just Edit instead of Removi...
10 months ago in B2C Web Portal 0

Renew Membership Quickly Online

Right now it takes my patrons about 6-8 clicks to get to the membership renew screen. Can you make a link available that will bring patrons to their membership screen directly after after logging into their account. AKA link looks like https://MyN...
10 months ago in B2C Web Portal 0

Custom Payment Processor

I'd like to have the ability to create a custom payment similar to cash and use on MPOS
10 months ago in Kiosk & MPOS 0

Adding images to Flow listings

Currently, only event listings are seen in portal. Would be more attractive to include the event level image and an abridged description in the flow (listing) of events
11 months ago in  0