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SwipeTrack remains committed to adding features and making improvements to XTruLink in order to help our customers grow and succeed.

You may VOTE on feature ideas below, or add your own. Before you add a new idea, please use the SEARCH function to ensure the idea does not already exist.

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PINNED Daily Sale Screen (Point-of-Sale system)
Replace the Altru Daily Sales page with a more powerful version directly from XTruLink
PINNED Merchandise Support
Would really love to be able to sell merchandise online and at Kiosks

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Photo releases via ticketed events

Oftentimes, when we have a family or baby program at the Museum, we have a diverse crowd of families and friends that look so good in the galleries, we want to take photos of them! It's not always clear which day will have the highest visitation, ...
4 months ago in Messaging 0

Digital membership download link transferred to altru via notes field

I'd like for the digital membership card download link to be stored in Altru so that it can be used in other mailings. This would be similar to how gift membership email send dates and donor info is transferred to Altru through a custom note.
about 1 year ago in Digital Memberships 0

Sell all product types on a Custom page on Web Portal

Currently, Custom pages on the Web Portal only support scheduled & daily admission programs and memberships. Would be nice to be able to include pre-registered programs, donations, and combinations as well.
about 1 year ago in B2C Web Portal 1

Email-specific keyboard for kiosk transactions

This tailored keyboard would pop up during a kiosk transaction anytime an email field is collected. This might occur during collection of membership information and receipt information. The modified keyboard would include items such as: easy-acces...
about 1 year ago in Kiosk & MPOS 0

Add Spell Check

Please add spell check to the online portal. 1) to avoid typos; 2) to eliminate having to cut/paste to Word to run spell check. Thanks
11 months ago in Other 1

Event Report - Patron List with QR Codes for Event attendance support.

Is there any way to build a report that has you select an event then it lists the patrons names, the number of tickets they have + the QR code associated with the order for quick check-ins/correcting attendance numbers? Here is what I'm making man...
6 months ago in Reports 0

Newsletter Subscribers - Mark Safe For Marketing Emails in Altru?

When a patron notes they want to be added to our email marking list during the purchase path, can that information be added to the constituents record in Altur through an API call? That way, when we want to send a targeted email to someone who att...
6 months ago in Other 0

Option to disable override mode

Please add an option to disable override mode on the scanners
12 months ago in Access Control 0

Add purchased events to calendar

It would be nice to have a feature to have purchased programs be able to be added to an Outlook or phone calendar.
about 1 year ago in B2C Web Portal 0

"Pay on Arrival" support on Web Portal

"Pay on Arrival" is available in Altru Advance Sales. Would be nice to be able to add this as an option on Web Portal. This would allow patrons to register for a program and then wait to pay for the tickets until they arrive at the facility. Would...
about 1 year ago in Access Control / B2C Web Portal 0